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Min. 2 Years and Max. 4 Years

Graduation or Equivalent Degree with min 50%



Min. 3 Years and Max. 6 Years

Passed BCA/ Bachelor Degree in Computer Science Engineering or equivalent Degree.


The Masters in Computer Applications (Distance MCA) course focuses on providing theoretical as well as practical training to all the students in the field of computer technology, Information Technology, and many others. The program prepares the students to learn and thrive in the ever-growing and dynamic field of technology.

  • To give the learners knowledge of advanced computer subjects including software
  • To enable the learners to get a better job in the computer industry. The jobs may include System Analysts, System Designers, Software Engineers, Programmers, and Technical Facilitators in any field related to IT industries and teaching posts in colleges and universities.
  • To enable the learners to work as System Managers and Hardware Engineers in IT industries.
  • Better technology awareness: Students have more knowledge, information, and interactions. They are able to form their opinions and judgments. They understand where to steer their career towards. So more often than not, they land in the right professions after the online MCA course.
  • Better job opportunities: With quality education and training, getting good opportunities is inevitable. Students are able to clear interviews. They are able to grasp concepts and be productive in their jobs with minimal guidance.
  • Hands-on practical experience: Computer science and technology is learned best by doing. The online MCA course focuses on hands-on training. It helps students gain a holistic understanding of the system. They are able to use that understanding to apply the technology effectively to solve business problems.
  • Coding skills: Programing is a way to build solutions, services, or act as a way to express oneself through a technological medium such as a computer. Learning to code allows students to form better perspectives of computing. They can also become creators of products and solutions.
  • Effective communication skills: When working in organisations, communication skills help convey and receive information effectively. The online MCA distance course provides training on building communication skills. It helps students to become effective team members of their respective organisations.
  • Senior Software Developer
  • System Analyst
  • Software Application Architect
  • Software Consultant
  • Hardware Engineer
  • Technical Writer
  • Systems Developer
  • Database Administrator.
  • Software Publisher
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