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Min. 2 Years and Max. 4 Years

Graduation or Equivalent Degree with min 50%


Build a solid foundation in business administration and management and a network of business contacts that will help you succeed as you move forward in your career.

The online MBA is a part-time MBA format taken primarily by students who wish to remain in their current position while pursuing their degree.

This is where the real appeal of an online MBA becomes clear. Whereas traditionally a part-time MBA candidate would be limited to schools in their local area, they can now choose to study at a highly regarded international business school, taking advantage of the school’s network, access to world-class faculty, and the opportunity to add a prestigious, globally recognised school to their resume.

Distance MBA (online mode) or PGDM courses are designed with the aim of enhancing the skills of working professionals and prospective graduates. The curriculum is designed to cover all management specializations in the most flexible and interactive way that the industry demands.

  • Develop advanced and flexible management skills.
  • Unlimited access to an extensive business network
  • Enhance your career opportunities, receive higher compensation, and receive promotions.
  • Learn about other functional areas and industries.
  • a platform to connect with peers from different walks of life and showcase your skills.


With greater flexibility and access to many resources, students in online MBA programs enjoy a variety of benefits, both during their studies and after graduation. This makes online degree programs more attractive to many students than traditional face-to-face degree programs. The following list includes some commonly recognized benefits of online MBA study.

  • Accessibility: Location-independent access to online lectures and other study materials can make a huge difference in your success. You can choose the study location that best suits your learning style, and you can continue your MBA studies even if you change jobs, move, travel, or make other life changes without missing deadlines.
  • Flexibility: Flexibility means that you can adjust your studies to fit your existing schedule, not the other way around. For example, if you are a fast learner, you can take advantage of this to complete your online MBA degree faster.
  • Technology: Online programs offer easy access to syllabi, reading lists, textbooks, assignments, and announcements in digital format, freeing you from worry about misplaced, lost, or forgotten study materials. Many students also find that online formats offer opportunities for class discussions with fewer interruptions, increasing the likelihood that all students may be heard.


  • Self-Discipline

    Self-discipline is perhaps the most important attribute of a successful online MBA student. MBA programs require both initiative and perseverance. Your fellow students, for example, can count on you to keep up with reading, assignments, and schedules.

  • Time Management

    Online MBA students need good time management to meet deadlines. Make sure you can fit your studies into your busy schedule with personal or work commitments.

  • People Skills and Networking

    Without the comforts of a classroom, it is usually even more important for students to cultivate good networking skills in order to succeed. Successful online MBA students take a proactive approach to building positive peer relationships and effective communication with faculty and fellow students.

  • Perseverance

    One outstanding characteristic of entrepreneurs and MBA students is perseverance. An exceptionally difficult course may be a struggle, but motivated students know that this need not deter them from their educational goals. Successful students keep going, even when faced with obstacles and discouragement.

  • Problem-Solving

    Whether you are juggling a hectic schedule or need to solve an exam question, your problem-solving skills will serve you well.


An online MBA offers the same rigorous curriculum as its on-campus counterpart; instructors easily adapt course content to online platforms. Technology allows for location-independent study, opening up a variety of attractive educational options for prospective students. A distance MBA offers the opportunity to attend schools outside the country without the cost and hassle of relocating.

Distance MBA
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