Academic Deliverables


Desktop & Mobile App

Desktop & Mobile App

The Student Zone can be accessed through the app, which displays all your courseware, and other relevant information
Live Lectures

Live Lectures

The interactive live lectures provide you with traditional classroom experience and allow you to interact with faculty and other students. Also, through a series of live lectures, you will be taught the program content and given pointers about each module. You can also watch these lectures at a later date.

Digital Library

Our vast repository of online scholarly articles, whitepapers, case studies, journals and much more are available to you, for getting a better understanding of the programs and modules that you are studying.
Online Academic Calendar

Online Academic Calendar

Via the online calendar, you can view and review lecture timings, exams, assignment submission dates, etc. as well as watch the recorded live lectures.

Recorded Lectures

In case you miss out on the live interactive lectures, you can view the lecture recordings, which are available in the Student Zone. Here you can clarify your doubts by getting in touch with the faculty, who typically respond within 24-48 hours.

Discussion Forum

This is where the faculty engages with students outside the classroom. They initiate the discussion by posting a topic relevant to the subject and students participate by posting their views on the same.

Lecture Presentations

Our presentations are prepared by the faculty of NMIMS Global Access to facilitate quick and easy learning for the students and can be accessed from anywhere.


Our aim is to provide you with all the relevant study material with easy accessibility. E-books make for the perfect way to deliver information.

Case-Study Based Learning

Case studies are an integral part of the learning experience and they provide insights into the problem-solving approach that companies take and how they achieve desired results.

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